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About US The Education Bureau of Jiading District,Shanghai is the functional department in charge of the school education of the district, whose principal responsibility is to:
1. implement the educational policies, laws and regulations of the Party and the state government; make development planning on education and yearly plan of the local area and then carry them out.
2. be in charge of the elementary and secondary education, occupational education, continuing education for adults, pre-school ...

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Address: 601 Jiahang Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai
Zip: 201808
Contact call: 39902071
Supervision, report and complaint call: 39902066
Enrollment and Examination Office of Jiading District, Shanghai
Address: No. 4 Courtyard, Lane 171, Chengzhong Road, Jiading Town Subdistrict, Jiading District
Zip: 201800
Inquiry call: 59528633 (for junior high school enrollment) ...